My daily in this time

Expectations were again evaporated as the desire to have almost vanished ... drifting, lost somewhere .. anywhere ... losed that I feel! Spirit that makes me always want to present here, in this world, a world that seems real with the love of his friends. The article's that inspires, contemplative, philosophical ... ah, I miss read it, carving a dream in mind, "when yes I could be like them"?. Which was able to hold the world only with a pen ... writing and flowing ... flowing in writing ... brilliant idea's poured about change, civilization or a story about a dream.

Maybe I need time to reflect in silence for a moment, fix a heart that might almost foundered in a sea of doubt. If there are scattered miss, I want to go back and really be right back with my paddle boat and the spirit of love toward your ship friend .. ..

I climbed the world since the Internet, i want to give something valuable for myself and the people I love ....

good afternoon my friend ....... I love you all

this blog dedicated to the most special person in my life

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