Created your love site

its time for tutorial phost when I show you how to make a simple site to say love to your soulmate....(mmmm....yes....your soulmate...somebody special in your heart)
Many way’s to visit rome....many way’s to say “I love you” hehe

Oke..lets begin.......

Listen to this tutorial step by step...and if you don’t can give me the question and I will try to explain you.....

Step one......

Sight up on webhosting to manage your domain, and get free space to host your site, (don’t worry its just a simple site so you can used free webhosting) I recomends u to sight up in click here :
Free Website Hosting
why this site? because there are many aplication to support your site, many script can be supported by used your email and password to register and verification your account with email verification (see in your email inbox)
choose template (anyone) and installed your site to be activated (step 1 until step 3 on easy).

Step two........

If your account has been activated and ready to use, Go to control panel click “FILE MANAGER” this is the screenshot :

Log in and go to this folder “public_html” this is the screenshot :

step three............

copas this code to notepad and save as index.html (file type : all files) on your computer folder.

NB : edit this code

<link href='' rel='shortcut icon'/>

for title icon


for text with rainbow efec

var tl=new Array(

" Oh Yuliaku.........",
" Seandainya saja hati manusia sesederhana sistem windows...",

and ect......

for your own poem ( not lost this character " ", and in the end of this part don't forget to add this character " " without come ( , ) or your swf cannot runing)

<meta content="Microsoft FrontPage 6.0" name="GENERATOR">
<img src="" width="169" height="125">

for your own URL picture

step four........

up load index.html on your computer folder to the public_html on your server,wait in the view minute to load file and bingo......!!! your site has been created and send it link to your sweetheart
if this step has failed used this trick....

find indextemplate.html in public_html folder of your host server>>edit template>>copas your code>>save>>wait until load end>>finish :)

For example click here

(so sweet huh?hehe)

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