Romance Conflict 21st Century (english version)

Love Management: If you are in the pose of a conflict, standing between two choices, asked to say yes or no, the hurt or the left, or betrayed ..... just one thing that we need to say ..... How wonderful if you become one in a million to the person you love .....

tips and tricks:

1 Lovesome one as you love yourself
2 Do your best to please the person you love
3 Give the spirit of her when she was not happy
4 Encourage the ideals and good intentions
5 Remind him when forgotten,
Remind him when he erred
6 Give love like the sun lighted earth
7 Forgive his mistake even if it hurts for us
8 Prove him wrong if it would only give her regret at a later date.
9 Leave it at the time could not accept the excuse again, but he returned when he realized that you are something worthwhile


1 Do not be ambitious to be the most perfect in his eyes, just do the best with the sincere milk although sometimes in back with tuba
2 Believe that behind sorrow there must be easy
3 Give her memories as beautiful as possible, something that is difficult to forget him.
4 Give a little smile may be the remembered forever.
5 Accept him as it is, because there will be more wonderful things than people can accept us as it is.
6 Although he also received what it is but you try to always clean yourself because sometimes people say "I thank you as it is simply because I love you" but actually he was just testing us if we can be the best for him.
7 Keep the best performance since the nature of the human ego always wants beauty, and something that can show off even if love is not a show, but at least make it proud, because he has you.

prohibition and that should be noticed:
1 Do not do something that violates the norms
2 True love is love that has been officially tied by religion or a legitimate legal
3 Make sure a loved one is the best for our future, in the sense that he would never do something that makes our future bleak.
4 DO IS HAPPENING TO ASK Although she NAME OF LOVE ..........
5 Be careful in choosing ..... Istikharah and ask the all-powerful guide

reality of love:

1 Sometimes prickly cactus which turned out to produce beautiful flowers and fresh fruit when harvest time arrives (dragon fruit)
2 roses that can make you broke wept because punctured thorn.
3 The road may be winding will lead us to the location of buried treasure but the straight and smooth sometimes brings us to the dead end or a cliff.
4 Meri (son poultry) is bad one day will become a beautiful swan and beautiful, the ugly frog who turned out to be the incarnation of the prince.
Batu 5 harshly black sediment and moss, it could save an emerald or sapphire if the sides, oyster-shaped, dirty and less beautiful, it has a very expensive pearls.

GIVE smile and ONLY ONE WORD ..... SORRY AFTER YOU IN bury him MUD INTO THE BLACK AND THE DIRTY .... Give flush HONEY WITH HER EVEN the bitter sap .... try to FLY THOUGH WE wings PATAH. .... Take him across the stars IN SPACE AND RETURN TO EARTH WITHOUT hurt .... but soon IN A PERIOD OF HER KAN YOU ARE SAYING THAT one in a million .......


Love is something that is difficult to guess, try our love is the best partner for us, when the reality is too difficult for you live is enough to believe that behind the coast there are always dark towering lighthouse ..... who gives us guidance and direction of the wind, so that our small raft did not sink because it hit the rocks

if you hesitate ... believe in your heart because the heart never lies

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