Spirith of Love

i dont know why.....i fell something trouble with my world to day.....i just to remember that i dont have anything to make my self proud, i'm a looser you know.

i waste my time with nothing special activity, i waste my time with laziest day's, i waste my time with all of this scared.

Holaaa.....when i know "it", i can smile again, i can feel great inside, i think i cant felt love anymore, but to day i wanna say to the world that......my spirit has been build with some special word, and it word is "LOVE".

when i was child, i was a goodboy, what ever i touch - whatever became a gold
if i want to do something, i did it....just like "the king" as you know. all of that "glory" has lost for me when i growth, be a man is so complicated, many thing can be happen, many trouble can be created and many case can be drop you down.........

sometimes, Grow and adult of age, give our a new problem, our life become complicated and so dificult ways......i know that.....but, just think this sentences :

i want to show you that anything can be created with love, antything can be possible if we do with love.

Love makes our self better,and if you wanna be the best of the best persons....you must do what ever do you up to and everything do you want whith Love.
yes....just love.....
love your self,love your job,love your family,love your day's, love your mom, love your friend, love your sweetheart, love your world, love your pet, love your problem...and love your life, and trust me....its all can be better :) .

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